ARTISAN LEAF® is a unique and innovative Tobacco Leaf resurfacing company that offers a naturally inspired vision.


ARTISAN LEAF® Leaves are procured directly from tobacco farmers around the world at their peak of beauty and workability, and cultivated purely for their aesthetic qualities.   We have spent years developing our craft and expertise.


Our Tobacco Leaf surfaces are available in a variety of stunning shades, tones and finishes providing a timeless look. Contemporary or traditional, sophisticated or rustic, ARTISAN LEAF® will enhance any room or space.


ARTISAN LEAF® can be used on walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, decor and accent pieces.


There are four main varieties of tobacco leaves: Virginia/Flue-Cured, Burley, Cigar Leaf and Oriental. Differences in harvesting and curing method give each leaf it's unique characteristic.

We use Virginia/Flue-Cured, Burley, and Cigar Leaf for our main fabrication and the smaller Oriental leaf for accents.


Flue-cured tobacco is dried with heat directed from flues or pipes that extend from a furnace into the barn. The temperature of the furnace is gradually raised until the leaves and stems are completely dried. Flue-cured tobacco leaves are bright and have golden color.


Burley is a larger plant than the flue-cured tobacco and it's 'air-cured’ – without the use of extra heat. This tobacco is traditionally cured hanging in structures with a roof, but with open sides to allow air to freely circulate. Burley leaves are light brown to mahogany.


Cigar Leaf is a fire-cured tobacco. Small fires are built on the floor of enclosed barns similar to those used for flue-curing.  The type of wood used and the amount of smoke exposure gives fire-cured tobacco leaves their darker color. Cigar Leaf are dark brown to umber.


Variations in color and texture are a natural characteristic of tobacco leaves. Changes in color on finished surface can occur due to exposure to light and other environmental factors. These variations and color changes are not deemed defective. Variations in ARTISAN LEAF®’s hand applied finishes and glazes are what give each piece its distinctive look and these variations are not considered to be defects in material or workmanship.


ARTISAN LEAF® may modify product due to supplier availability and as changes or improvements are implemented, but is under no obligation to make these changes to previously manufactured product. If a finish becomes obsolete, ARTISAN LEAF® reserves the right to:

a. To replace the affected component with a new component of the same style

b. To replace the affected component with any other component(s) to achieve a similar appearance with a style that is comparable in appearance, color, design or construction based upon current product offerings. If components are replaced, ARTISAN LEAF® cannot guarantee that the finish of these items will be an exact match to the finish and appearance of the original purchased components.

ARTISAN LEAF® is manufactured in the USA with 100% Natural Tobacco Leaves.


For wholesale prices email us at info@artisanleaf.com

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